About Night God of Sky


Introducing Night God of Sky: Where Spiritual Intention Meets Timeless Beauty:

Leila Listo, the visionary founder and creator of Night God of Sky, infuses her creations with spiritual purpose, adding a touch of sparkle and glow to every piece. Embracing the power of the spiritual realm, Leila's designs go beyond aesthetics, inviting a deeper connection to the divine.

A Journey From Fashion to Spirituality:

Having worked as a designer in the fashion industry alongside renowned icons like Carlos Falchi, Marc Ecko, and Patricia Nash, Leila brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Night God of Sky.  Her design focus has shifted towards creating goods with spiritual purpose and vision. It is through this transformation that Night God of Sky was born, offering a sacred space where spirituality and timeless beauty intertwine.

Embracing Longevity and Meaningful Collections:

At Night God of Sky, we believe in the power of longevity and the significance of curating meaningful collections. Rather than following fleeting trends, key items are functional and visually stunning and built to withstand the test of time. Most pieces are meticulously handcrafted, ensuring their unique essence making it a true one-of-a-kind. Emphasis is placed on quality and detail.  Each and every creation is infused with intention, purpose, sacred energy and symbolism.

Join the Night God of Sky Community:

Explore our collection, and allow the spiritual connection to illuminate your path, to radiate this unique light which allows a life of purpose and transcendence.